Run Wild


Izzy and Asha need a space to call their own, away from difficult families, the Skull brothers and the trouble they bring. However, the derelict building site they discover already belongs to something else.  It offers a wilderness they never expected and holds an injured wolf that desperately needs their help.

‘Run Wild‘ is a stunning tale of our lost connection to nature and the wild that hides in us all. Gill Lewis is able to construct wonderful stories that nudge readers into a greater respect and awareness of our environment.


Run Wild

Gill Lewis

(Barrington Stoke)

On an apparently derelict inner city wasteland Izzy and Asha discover a wealth of wildlife…and an injured wolf!  Can they keep their secret as property developers and the Skull Brothers, school bullies, close in?
Gill Lewis writes superb books about nature and the environment and this is no exception.  ‘Run Wild’ is a thrilling and thought-provoking story about our interaction with nature, even in the most unlikely of places. (Dyslexia friendly)


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