Runner Hawk


Runner Hawk tells the story of Leo.  He feels increasingly that he is running out of time. His body seems to be failing him, while his dreams lead him to question the line between fantasy and reality. The arrival of his Uncle Toby leads to a shocking reveal that presents Leo with an existential threat.  Leo’s developing friendship with Eadie also takes a decided turn when she asks him to help her discover who killed her sister.  Leo is running out of time in all sorts of ways.

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Runner Hawk

Michael Egan

(Everything With Words)

Runner Hawk is a quite excellent and unsettling YA novel by Michael Egan.  It tells Leo’s story – a teenager who feels increasingly alienated from the world.  He is also haunted by bizarre incidents and experiences.  Leo sometimes believes he is the only person who sees a world beset by conundrums.  Even his own body seems to betray home – his limbs spasm or freeze and his doctors cannot offer an explanation. Furthermore, childhood memories are lost from his mind.  Those that do come to him do not seem to be authentic.
When Leo’s parents go on holiday, his odd Uncle Toby, arrives to keep him company.  His arrival leads to rites of passage experiences but Leo remains apart from the world.  He continues to ‘freeze’, both physically and emotionally, without knowing why. Gradually, and shockingly, the reason for Uncle Toby’s visit becomes clear.  What Leo is confronted with is an existential threat, albeit one that provides many of the answers to his anxieties and strange behaviour.
With Leo as the narrator, the story gradually unwinds.  Michael Egan’s writing is subtle but immediate, while the ethical and moral implications are cleverly woven through the storyline. Even the unusual ending avoids over-sentimentality but nonetheless leaves the reader uplifted.


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