Salt To The Sea


The sinking of the cruise ship Wilhelm Gustloff by Russian torpedoes in the winter of 1945 is the deadliest disaster in maritime history, with losses of over 9,000 people, mostly refugees, dwarfing the death tolls of the Titanic and Lusitania combined. Yet this tragic loss of life is almost forgotten to history.

Ruta Sepetys’ fascinating multi-voice narrative attempts toset the record straight, remembering this tragedy in a high quality novel for young adults that never lets grip as it hurtles relentlessly towards a shocking and moving climax. The stories of each of the characters are never less than intriguing, as they stumble through their own chaotic nightmares towards their destinies.

Of course, there are enough parallels with contemporary nightmare stories of desperate refugees seeking a better life, but these never over-intrude. ‘Salt to the Sea’ comes highly recommended for young adults with a keen interest in recent history, but most of all those who just love an opportunity to read a good book.


Salt To The Sea

Ruta Sepetys


‘Salt to the Sea’ retells the story of the sinking of cruise ship Wilhelm Gustloff by Russian torpedoes in the winter of 1945. Five devastated young adults make sense of their devastated world. This is an awesome story deserving of its acclaim and readership.

Winner of the Carnegie Medal

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