Sam Wu is NOT afraid of GHOSTS


Sam Wu is Not Afraid of Ghosts‘ or Butterbutt the cat, or snakes, or the Astro Blast Simulator. He is wary of being shown up by Ralph Philip Zinkerman the Third. He’s a little concerned at his friends’ reaction when they come to tea for the first time. Sam is very anxious about returning to school after ‘The Unfortunate Incident that Will Never Be Mentioned Again.’

Sam Wu is Not Afraid of Ghosts‘ is a genuinely funny and appealing chapter book for newer readers. I love Nathan Reed’s anecdotal notes and incidental illustrations. I love the main character, and his eagle-eyed sister, Lucy. We are delighted to recommend this title to our readers. Look out for Sam Wu is NOT Afraid of Sharks

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Sam Wu is NOT afraid of Ghosts

Katie & Kevin Tsang, illustrated by Nathan Reed


Sam Wu is NOT afraid of Ghosts‘ or snakes or Butterbutt the cat, or an Astro Blast Simulator. Sam Wu follows the example set by Captain Jane and Spaceman Jack from his favourite show, ‘Space Blasters’. He’s not afraid… or is he? Sam Wu is a riotously funny, approachable and endearing character in a great new chapter book series! With his heart in his mouth and his Spaceblaster rules in his head, Sam Wu ventures into bold new territories. Could it be he’s as brave as The Legend of Kevin or is this just a ruse? Watch out for Fang, join the table for tea and sit back to enjoy ‘Sam Wu is NOT afraid of Ghosts’!


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