Sam Wu is NOT Afraid of Sharks


Sam Wu is NOT Afraid of Sharks‘.  No, really.  Even when a shark definitely tries to eat him in an aquarium, he remains unafraid.  But just to be safe, he decides he won’t be going in the water when he goes to a friend’s birthday beach party.  Surely nothing can go wrong….right?

We delight in this character, his frenzied determination to prove his bravery, and the chaos he creates. It’s perfect, funny, enticing fare for newer independent readers. ‘Sam Wu is NOT Afraid of Sharks’ is rather great fun if you’re a lot older too!

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Sam Wu is NOT afraid of Sharks

Katie & Kevin Tsang (illustrated by Nathan Reed)


Sam Wu is NOT afraid of Sharks is the second title in a brilliantly funny series It seems like Sam’s the bravest scaredy-cat in the world.  That’s the opinion we came to from the first adventure, where we saw how Sam Wu is NOT afraid of Ghosts. When a shark’s TOTALLY committed to eating him at the local aquarium, Sam’s adamant that he’s not going to take any more chances. Therefore, at his friend’s birthday party at the beach, he refuses to dip even a toe in the water. With that determination, what could possibly go wrong? After all, Bernard and Zoe, best friends, are along for the ride, and they know Sam’s courageous. Then again, Sam’s fuelled by the inspiration of Captain Jane and the crew of Space Blasters. However, there’s always a chance that Ralph Zinkerman the Third might be on site, ready to pop whatever brave statement Sam’s committed to.Therefore, how might Sam’s face be saved? Or is this something that he’ll have to wing? Or is it possible that a little sister and the experience of tending to Fang, the life-threatening pet snake, might prove useful?
Bookwagon delights in this series from Katie and Kevin Tsang.


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