Sam Wu is NOT afraid of Space


Sam Wu seems to be stepping into the last frontier. At the invitation of his one-time nemesis, Ralph Philip Zinkerman the Third, Sam is about to lead Team Blue at Space Camp. This is Sam’s chance to use the inspiration of Space Blasters’ Spaceman Jack and Captain Jane to demonstrate responsibility, courage and teamwork. However, not only will Ralph be in Sam’s team, but there’s a sixth member, who is not interested in co-operating at all. Furthermore, there’s an older boy, with Space Camp experience, who’s determined to sabotage Sam’s team, that he describes as ‘pipsqueaks’. Sam has his work cut out!

Sam Wu is NOT afraid of Space is our sixth (and final, for now) outing with Sam and his friends, Zoe, Bernard and Regina- Ralph’s twin. While his friends demonstrate their faith in Sam, at times his imagination and anxiety overwhelm him. Yet, that’s what we love about him most. How can Sam cope with the possibility of being bunk bed crammed between Bernard and Ralph? What about the loss of his poison spray? Then again, what about the appearance of the Ghost King at camp?

Bookwagon loves this series. Though Sam Wu is NOT afraid of Space works as a standalone title, it is a fitting ending to a much-loved series for younger readers, and anyone looking for brilliantly funny, wise and empathetic stories.

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Sam Wu is NOT afraid of Space

Katie & Kevin Tsang

Illustrated by Nathan Reed


Sam Wu  is NOT afraid of Space although he is a little anxious about spending a week at Space Camp with Ralph Philip Zinkerman the Third. After all they have an ‘interesting’ relationship, though things have improved a little since Sam Wu is NOT afraid of Zombies. Yet now it seems Ralph, along with his twin sister Regina, and Zoe and Bernard, is prepared to admit his liking for Space Blasters, Sam’s favourite TV show. Furthermore, Ralph and Regina’s mother has agreed that the other friends should attend Space Camp with the twins! However, Space Camp is one big step for Sam Wu.
Not only is Sam a likely leader, with having the greatest knowledge of Space Blasters. Furthermore, he has the responsibility of deciding what to do when there’s an older boy challenging his team. Then there’s their team’s awkward sixth member, who does not seem impressed to be a member of Team Blue. It’s all on Sam’s head! However, we know that Sam will follow the lead of his heroes, Spaceman Jack and Captain Jane and do his very best.
Katie & Kevin Tsang suggest this may be our final visit with Sam Wu (for now). However, this latest, last book in a space-tacular series, is full of facts, inspiration, humour and rich with our fondness for Sam and his collective. Sam Wu is NOT afraid of Space is a superb conclusion (for now), to an outstanding series. While it is ideal for newer chapter book readers, this book and series remain a thoroughly enjoyable choice for readers of any age.


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