Sam Wu is NOT afraid of Spiders


We welcome the return of Sam Wu in ‘Sam Wu is NOT afraid of Spiders.‘ When Sam’s class is visited by sixth graders carrying Tulip, a Goliath bird- eating tarantula, Sam works to overcome his fears. His nemesis, Ralph Philip Zinkerman the Third is suspicious, however. The thought that Tulip could eat Fang, Sam’s snake, and the details of her chelicerae make him freeze gulp inwardly. Worse is to come when Tulip escapes…

However, just as in the other titles of this tremendous series, beginning with Sam Wu is NOT afraid of Ghosts, Sam is motivated by Space Blasters. What would Commander Jane do? She and her team would fly into action. So do Sam, Zoe, Bernard and Regina. Lucy, Sam’s fearless, spider loving, little sister is determined to get into the act. Butterbutt? Don’t cats like spiders? Could he be the key to Tulip’s return?

Bookwagon loves this series. Kevin and Katie Tsang include anecdotal facts throughout the stories, which are pacy, all-knowing, warm, positive, and so witty. We know Sam. We laugh out loud at his observations and considerations, e.g., taking care not to call out in class, his attempts to be authoritative. Nathan Reed’s detailed illustrations add to the drama of Sam’s focus, skilfully. Sam Wu is NOT afraid of Spiders is a tickling, furry, ferociously funny addition to a wonderful series.

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Sam Wu is NOT afraid of Spiders

Katie & Kevin Tsang, illustrated by Nathan Reed


Sam’s class meets Tulip, a Goliath bird- eating tarantula. ‘Sam Wu is NOT afraid of Spiders’. However, he doesn’t like the fact that Tulip is as big as his face. Then again there are facts about Tulip, in particular her chelicerae, that make him ‘freeze gulp’.  Furthermore, he likes it less when Tulip escapes. However, just like the heroes in Space Blasters, Sam’s favourite series, he is determined to overcome his collywobbles. After all, isn’t it up to him to help, in any way he can? Thereafter to lead his friends on the best way to recapture Tulip?  Besides which, he knows that capturing Tulip will prove once and for all to Ralph Philip Zinkerman the Third that Sam Wu is not afraid! We know Sam Wu of old. Could it be that he’s convincing us because he remains unconvinced himself? Thereafter, could it be that Ralph might call his bluff? It seems as though it’s all to prove in this fourth outing of a Bookwagon beloved series, following Sam Wu is NOT Afraid of the Dark.
Bookwagon welcomes the return of a very favourite character!


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