Sam Wu is NOT afraid of the Dark


‘Sam Wu is NOT afraid of the Dark‘. He’s supportive of Bernard when he learns his friend is headed for a camping weekend. However, when it appears that his parents are expecting Sam to accept Bernard’s father’s invitation to join in, he’s not happy. It’s not that he’s afraid. There’s just a lot to consider. This includes the company of his older cousin from Hong Kong, who seems to know everything!

Sam determines to follow the example of Captain Jane, from his favourite show, ‘Space Blasters’. Such actions have worked before, and will work again. Just as long as Ralph Zinkerman the Third is nowhere about…

‘Sam Wu is NOT afraid of the Dark’ makes any reader, of every age, laugh. It is clever, imaginative and so confident. We know Sam as well as his family and friends, and much better than he realises. Nathan Reed’s urgent illustrations embellish Sam’s comedic melodrama. We urge you to head to this latest title in the series, after Sam Wu is NOT afraid of Ghosts and Sam Wu is NOT afraid of Sharks. It’s time to make Captain Sam Wu’s acquaintance!


Sam Wu is NOT afraid of the Dark

Katie & Kevin Tsang, illustrated by Nathan Reed


Sam Wu is NOT afraid of the Dark’. He would cope well in an open-air camping environment. Well, that’s what he tells Bernard. Camping with Bernard, his excessively tall father, and Sam’s cousin from Hong Kong should be straight-forward. Sam has had training from ‘Space Blasters’ after all. He can deal with bears, wolves, aliens, bats, caves… After all, ‘Sam Wu is NOT afraid of the Dark’. Ever.


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