Sam Wu is NOT afraid of Zombies


Sam Wu must take the plunge. After speaking up about helping Regina, and her loathsome brother, Ralph Zinkerman III, eradicate zombies from their home, it’s time to get to work. Sam Wu is not afraid! We’ve seen him stand up to ghosts, sharks, the dark and spiders! However a zombie werewolf in the basement of your nemesis’ home is a very big leap.

Thankfully, alongside his best friends, Bernard and Zoe, Sam has the guidance of Captain Jane from *Space Blasters‘. Sam takes on her lead when he ‘has to go on a mission,- a dangerous one,- maybe the most dangerous one'[he’s] ever done‘. Space Blasters suggests that ‘even if you are scared, you have to act like you aren’t’. Sam isn’t sure that’s such good advice, in truth. Have Captain Jane or Captain Jack ever faced down a zombie werewolf in their nemesis’ home?

Where do Regina and Ralph live? What is really in the basement? Although the pair are exhausted through lack of sleep from the howling of the basement creature, Sam needs evidence. What will he and his friends hear, and see? Have they the power to erase an entity from Ralph and Regina’s home? Surely! After all, ‘Sam Wu is NOT afraid of Zombies‘!

*Sam Wu’s favourite television series

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Sam Wu is NOT afraid of Zombies

Katie & Kevin Tsang


‘Sam Wu is NOT afraid of Zombies’. There’s clear evidence that Sam will follow the lead of Captain Jane of ‘Space Blasters’ and look fear right in the eye! Haven’t we seen this already in Sam Wu is NOT afraid of Spiders amongst other adventures? Furthermore, we know that Sam takes the lead in tricky situations. His ‘best friends Bernard and Zoe [cannot] believe it when Sam tells them that they’re having a top secret meeting’ with Regina and Ralph Zinkerman III. While Regina is agreeable, Ralph is Sam’s nemesis. Even when Sam’s warning him against drooling in class by throwing an eraser, Ralph sinks Sam into trouble!
However, there’s no avoiding this one. Captain Jane on Space Blasters says that ‘you should never offer something if you can’t follow through’. In this outing with our intrepid, ‘fearless’, adventurer, Sam is headed to Ralph’s house. He and Regina have been deeply troubled by peculiar sounds from their basement for some times. They agree that the only being that could make such haunting moans is a zombie werewolf. Ralph and Regina need help to vanquish their foe. However, first they need a plan, and thereafter, Sam and friends must step into their nemesis’ lair….
‘Sam Wu is NOT afraid of Zombies‘ is a delight. We love the foibles, truths and strengths of our lead character, while appreciating his family, friends and community. Welcome aboard Sam Wu (without the zombies please?)!


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