Santa Post


Amy’s letter to Santa is missing vital information. What present has she asked for in her Santa Post? Furthermore, who can help Santa work it out?

It seems that Boggins, the only elf with little to do in the run up to Christmas, might be able to help. Yet his suggestion is not that which Santa considers Amy would be happy to discover. Thereafter, might Mr Polar Bear arrive at a GIANT gift for Amy? Or could it be that an emergency meeting of the reindeer, interrupted from flight practice, could decide on Amy’s perfect gift?

Santa Post is posing Santa Claus such a puzzle! He wants to get it right for that’s his job for all the girls and boys. Furthermore, Amy says that she’s grateful for her ‘wonderful year full of jingles and bells‘. What will Santa Claus decide upon?

Emma Yarlett is a gifted and inventive picture book maker. We love her Nibbles’ titles alongside Dragon Post. Like that book, Santa Post offers ‘five Christmas surprises to open’. It means that this is a Christmas book to gift, read, share and cherish.

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Santa Post

Emma Yarlett

(Walker Books)– hardback

It’s a deep near Christmas night when Santa Post whooshes down Santa’s chimney. Amy writes from a house with a blue door and tells Santa of her ‘wonderful year full of jingles and bells’. She asks for….. Oh dear! It seems as though Amy’s letter is missing some ‘important information’! How on earth might Santa find out what Amy would like for her Christmas present and in such a short space of time! Head Elf Elfalfa suggests that Boggins might help. It seems as though he’s ‘the only elf who is free‘.
Yet Boggins’ present doesn’t quite cut the mustard and Santa must try again. Could Mr Polar Bear ‘know what Amy wants‘? It seems as though Mr Polar Bear plans something that will be ‘big enough for Amy‘. Yet his GIANT reply has Santa rushing for a third suggestion. What might an emergency meeting of reindeer decide upon as the best gift?
Like Dragon Post, Emma Yarlett’s Santa Post is full of lift the flap and secret surprises. Furthermore, like Dragon Post, there’s an endearing and funny story, rich with character, detail and discovery. It seems as though Santa Post offers all the magic and promise of the season, in a perfect package that Amy, or any reader, would enjoy time and time again.


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