What is Santa to do? He’s fallen and injured his back and is unable to carry the sack of gifts he has prepared! Could Cinderella help? After all, although it’s a starry evening, full of magic, she’s left at home, while her bossy sisters head out to the ball, determined to snare the prince! What’s more, Cinderella has a list of chores to work through.

Quickly, Cinderella volunteers to help. After all, she’s strong and good with animals. Before long, she and Santa are above the world, negotiating the rooftops from Nairobi to Paris, delivering gifts across the world.

Thereafter, what about Cinderella’s own gift? Should Santa follow the example of the Fairy Godmother and transform Cinderella so she might go to the ball, too? Or could Cinderella upend the story we know? Might it be that travelling the world, helping out, making friends, has revealed something or Cinderella? Might she want to step out into the world and change direction?

Bookwagon loves this magical, inspiring storytelling from Suzy Senior, alongside the exultant, vibrant pictures from Lucy Semple. All in all, it means a most superb picture book that Bookwagon recommends highly. We love Santarella!

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Suzy Senior and Lucy Semple

(Little Tiger Press)

Although the ‘stars [are] sparkling gently‘ and there’s ‘magic in the sky’ Cinderella’s home alone for ‘her work [is] never done‘. It means that while she’s working through the chores left by her ‘grumpy, bossy sisters‘ they’ve ‘waltzed off to a ball‘. Therefore, when she hears ‘a jingle and a bump as something [falls]’; she’s hopeful there might be a fairy godmother. However, instead, it’s Santa Claus. What’s more, he has a problem!
After his fall, how on earth might Santa carry a sack of presents? Could Cinderella lend a hand? It seems there’s a hat to wear and she’s ‘good with animals’, so they’re ready for the off!
Santarella offers the humour and imagination we enjoy in this writer’s The Hotel for Bugs. What’s more, there’s a real story. While we’re familiar with part of this story, it seems we’ve mashed this into a real life need by Santa Claus. Can Cinderella help? There are so many places to travel- from Calgary to Kathmandu and beyond! However, what might Cinderella like as her special Christmas gift? Then again, could it be that Santa’s fall and this round the world experience might open Cinders’ eyes to all she might do?
Bookwagon adores this picture book. What a positive, brilliantly presented story, ideal to share and know and love. Bookwagon loves and recommends Santarella.


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