Santa’s Marvellous Mechanical Workshop


Lily’s rather down-hearted as she unpacks. It seems she’s no friends yet from her house move, and now it’s Christmas time. What might Lily discover as she unpacks her boxes? It seems that the first to be dissembled is her box labelled Cogs, Tools and Springs. In fact, Lily is laden with ideas, creations and inventions.

However, what about a mystery box that holds a most surprising book with no pages, but…. an elf? It seems Widget seeks to lead Lily to Santa’s Marvellous Mechanical Workshop. While the busy elves load up new toys and gifts upon elf boats, it seems that Santa’s favourite part is hidden away. It’s a room full of broken toys, parts, ‘piles of old materials, T-shirts, plastic bottles, buttons, cogs, furry coats, springs and all sorts of bric-a-brac‘. Although these are all broken, Santa believes ‘with a dash of imagination, these can become the best toys’. What can Lily create?

Alongside vibrant, busy pictures from Katie Cottle, we’ve a positive, festive laden story from Vashti Hardy. Altogether, it means that Santa’s Marvellous Mechanical Workshop is a delight, a wonderful picture book to share, linger over and love.

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Santa’s Marvellous Mechanical Workshop

Vashti Hardy and Katie Cottle


Where will Widget lead Lily? The little elf tumbles out of the book wrapped mysteriously at the bottom fo the box. It seems that Widget seeks to take Lily through ‘falling snowflakes, across the icy hill and into wintry woods‘ to Santa’s Marvellous Mechanical Workshop. What will she discover?
Might there be elf boats full of new toys? However, what is the favourite section for Santa Claus? Might it be a ‘different room’  full of ‘old toys-, mismatched trains, ragged, bikes, torn teddies, crumpled cars and wonky spinning tops’… Thereafter, these are not all! It seems that ‘with a dash of imagination, these can become the best toys‘ according to Santa. Yet, where does Lily come in? Is it possible that with her ‘useful things’ from her box labelled ‘cogs, tools, and springs‘, that ‘Lily’s imagination ‘ might pop ‘like fireworks‘?
Vashti Hardy‘s books burst with ideas and wonder. It means that the wonder and joy burst in a most festive way in this exhilarating picture book. After all, alongside pictures from Katie Cottle, whose work we love and know from Enzo, the Swallows and Me, for example, we’ve a truly beautiful book to share, love and hold close. Bookwagon loves and recommends Santa’s Marvellous Mechanical Workshop. 


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