Santa’s New Beard


Santa’s New Beard might be of any construction it seems. The elves have a lot of suggestions after Santa saves his ‘FAMOUS beard right off’! What is to be done? After all ‘the big red suit [was] ironed and ready’ and the ‘elves’- have ‘stuffed the final teddy’. 

What might any of the elves suggest as a solution? After all, they have all the best ideas, don’t they? What they can do with glue… Yet bubbles? Squirty cream? (That might be too tempting to reindeer!) What about freezing Santa with a ‘snow beard’? Is there anyone who might have a bright idea! Things are getting serious!

Might it require sewing and sewing without a break to create a new beard for Santa? Is it possible that thereafter the newly bearded Santa might be off with a ‘Happy Christmas, ho,ho, ho!

Caroline Crowe and Jess Pauwels have created such a bustling, original, wild and funny Christmas book that is destined to be a favourite. Bookwagon recommends Santa’s New Beard as a perfect Christmas read.

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Santa’s New Beard

Caroline Crowe and Jess Pauwels

(Faber & Faber)

Santa’s New Beard is causing a flurry. Is there a chance that anyone of Santa’s company might help? ‘Quick, someone HELP!’
It seems that when Santa was shaving, he gave ‘the most GINORMOUS cough/ And shaved [his] famous beard right off…’
What might the elves offer from the ‘workshop shelves’? Glue? Bubbles from the sink? What about squirty cream? There’s a frenzy, a fury and a fuss. Yet then, there are …. ‘sparkles just for fun’. Wouldn’t a sparkly knitted beard be the best idea for Santa? Or, maybe not! What a dilemma! There cannot be a Santa Claus without a beard… Or might ‘a teeny tiny elf called Lizzie’ come to the rescue? What might she be creating with a pair of scissors and the permission of the reindeer?
Santa’s New Beard is imaginative, delightful fun. Bookwagon loves the storytelling, the rhyme, the elves’ suggestions and Santa’s complete horror. Jessica Pauwel’s pictures are eye-catching and hilarious. We love the way Lizzie is present, but overlooked throughout the story until ‘her work [is] done.’ Bookwagon suggests that Santa’s New Beard, like Ketchup on Your Reindeer, is an hilarious, imaginative, natural selection for Christmas reading. What a delightful story!


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