Santa’s Wonderful Workshop


Santa has everything under control. After Christmas, when the elves take a reccy, they know there are more children and they’ll need more workers. Santa insists, ‘What Could Possibly Go Wrong?’ He’ll figure something out! Old friends from the South Pole arrive, yet they cause mayhem. Barry the Bauble co-ordinator gets some help to calm everything down. Then there’s an avalanche of toasters…

Soon enough it’s holiday time, then a big, unexpected freeze! Santa insists that his ‘Wonderful Workshop’ is all working to plan… until it isn’t. How will Santa and his elves work his way out of this crisis?

Elys Dolan is a Bookwagon favourite picture bookmaker. ‘Santa’s Wonderful Workshop‘ lives up to her trademark mayhem, asides, imagination, fun and wonder.

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Santa’s Wonderful Workshop

What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Elys Dolan


‘What Could Possibly Go Wrong?’ Not a lot according to Santa!- ‘Don’t worry, I’ll figure something out.‘ The list is lost, the penguin situation is out of hand, there’s an overload of toasters…. Yes, toasters! Where are the dolls? A big freeze? A giant polar bear? There’s always a plan and a near miss in the truly funny ‘Santa’s Wonderful Workshop’! 
Step inside Santa’s workshop and experience Christmas like never before. With more toys to make than ever it’s going to be the busiest Christmas yet, but luckily Santa and his elves have everything under control . . . Well, everything except for the rampaging polar bear, a toy factory that will only make toasters, and some very pesky visitors from the South Pole !
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