Leo,has grown up with close friends Orion and Libra. They all were born on the International Space Station orbiting Earth thousands of miles in space.  Now it’s time for all three to visit Earth for the first time and meet their families face to face. But the shadowy ‘Company’ behind the space programme isn’t telling Leo and his friends the whole story. When things start going wrong, Leo begins to doubt the official version of his life.

‘Satellite‘ is an enthralling story. It is fascinating, original and truly thrilling. Bookwagon recommends ‘Satellite’ to confident older readers. We warn that profanity is included in this title.

This thrilling story is full of ideas and possibilities about the future of life on Earth (and in space). The tale unfolds layer upon layer of mystery and builds confidently to a poignant climax.  ‘Satellite’ will enthrall older teenage readers with its clever blend of thrills, mystery and of course sci-fi.  Parental advisory note – contains occasional profanities.




Nick Lake


Leo was born on the International Space Station. Now he is making his first trip to Earth but things don’t go as planned. The mysterious Company behind all arrangements isn’t telling Leo the truth.  ‘Satellite‘ is an absorbing sci-fi mystery and adventure suitable for older teens (contains some swearing).


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