Saving Neverland


Why would the moon paper call for Martha Pennydrop’s aid to rescue Neverland? It seems that Captain Hook’s curse is destroying the magical lands, robbing it of silver dolphins, flamingoes, mermaids and trees the colours of emerald. As an army of frost bears approach, the fairies are robbed of their magic. However, worse is to come, for Hook’s curse threatens to extinguish childhood.

While Peter Pan, and his fairy, Muddle, besiege Martha to fly from Number 14 Darlington Road, to Neverland, there’s a problem. It seems that Martha has denied all things childish. After all, her father’s job means she is responsible for sensible routines and keeping Scruff safe. Scruff has breathing problems, and there was an incident during their play that was potentially life- threatening. How can Martha return to all that?

Yet what if Scruff’s life and then the future of childhood depends on this ten-year old girl? It seems there’s a perilous mission ahead as Martha Pennydrop, Scruff, the Lost Kids, Peter Pan and Muddle set about Saving Neverland.

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Saving Neverland

Abi Elphinstone

(Penguin Random House)

Martha Pennydrop is too grown up for adventures. She’s left behind all notions of imagination and games in the Guzzlehut. It seems Dad’s greater working demands have increased  Martha’s responsibilities. After all, she cannot leave it all to Fluffington, the cat housekeeper.
However, adventure has a way of finding you, especially if your name appears in a special mission from a faraway land of imagination. It seems that however much Martha argues with  Peter Pan, she is destined to be the only one capable of Saving Neverland. Therefore, before Martha knows it, she’s dropped right into an adventure. Thereafter, when her little brother, Scruff is captured, Martha’s resolve sharpens. However, how can Martha rediscover her imaginative spirit? Furthermore, there’s Pan’s trust to win and the need to understand and live up to the words on the moon paper. After all, it’s essential, for while Peter Pan and the fairies and more are under grave threat, it seems Captain Hook’s  curse threatens to extinguish childhood everywhere.
We are treated to a soaring, heart-warming adventure from Abi Elphinstone. After her wonderful stories of The Unmapped Chronicles, beginning with Rumblestar ,we’re exultant! Let’s wrap up warm, grab a bear, or mammoth, and step aboard!


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