Saving Sophia


Lottie dreams of a friendship where she might reinvent herself. She imagines herself away from her embarrassing home, parents and brother, full of environmental concerns and naturalist lifestyle. Why can’t Lottie experience the type of adventures of which she reads? Lottie wouldn’t eat poisonous mushrooms like the Gravelly sisters in ‘Body in the Waves’.

Unexpectedly, Lottie is asked to be companion to a mysterious new girl attending their school journey to Bream Lodge. Miss Sackbutt thinks Lottie is a ‘sensible’ option. Yet Lottie senses a mystery about Sophia. Sophia is joined by mysterious and persistent helpmate Miss Weston. Lottie’s dramatic imaginings are at fever pitch. Could she be ‘Saving Sophia’?

When Sophia manoeuvres Lottie from their kayak activity that they might run away, Lottie is thrust into a real life adventure. Suddenly, ‘Saving Sophia‘ is real, cold and scary. Can her detective novels prepare Lottie for what lies ahead? What is Sophia’s real story? Grasp your pet snails, hang onto your beetroot crisps, this story’s about to get very bumpy!


Saving Sophia

Fleur Hitchcock

(Nosy Crow)

‘Saving Sophia’ is on Lottie’s mind at the two girls’ first meeting. She’s also keen to save herself from further embarrassment at her family’s environmentally aware lifestyle. Lottie dreams of a life with adventure. Perhaps she could land a plane in the sea? She could pursue Mexican gunrunners. Maybe there’s a chance with Sophia. Someone whom sensible Lottie has been asked to befriend by Miss Sackbutt on their school journey to Bream Lodge. What’s the chance of going on the run?


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