Saving Winslow


Saving Winslow is something that Louie determines from the first moment he sights the quivering mini donkey in his father’s arms. While his mother might ask his father, ‘Why on earth did you bring it home if it might just die in a day or two?’ somehow, Louie knows. The donkey was meant for him.

Louie is missing his older brother Mack who’s in the army. News from Mack is scarce, and his big presence is very absent from Louie’s household. Furthermore, suddenly, his older friend Mack, with whom he used to sledge down the hill, reminds him, ‘I’m a teenager now, and I don’t feel like sledging.’ Suddenly, Louie is conscious of his alone-ness. Therefore, Saving Winslow becomes a mission, something he knows in his bones  he must and can do. Then again, Louie feels an association with Winslow that is greater. Maybe because he was ‘such a scrawny, birdlike thing’ when he was born, too. Further he is struggling still to discover just ‘what his thing is’. He knows it’s not sports. Can Winslow help him? Might Winslow help Nora, the strange girl who turns up, predicting Winslow’s demise, seemingly eager to spread her pessimism?What might Saving Winslow mean for her?

A Sharon Creech story offers readers an opportunity to be in the company of greatness. Saving Winslow is rather like the mini donkey in that it is gentle, engaging, miraculous and resolute. Bookwagon adores this book and recommends it to our readers highly.


Yet, what of the mini donkey? Is he as

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Saving Winslow

Sharon Creech, illustrated by Sarah Horne

(Guppy Books)

Louie is intent that he will be Saving Winslow despite everyone’s good advice. After all the tiny parcel that arrives with Louie has a ‘trembly body and four spindly legs‘. Furthemore, it makes a ‘small noise that sounds like please‘. Certainly, Louie’s neighbour Nora considers Winslow has no chance of surviving. However she shows a distinct interest in the mini donkey, even providing him with a lead and halter. Thereafter, she arrives at Louie’s house at all hours, determined to prove her predictions of Winslow’s demise.
So what makes Louie so determined? Might it be something to do with missing his older brother Gus? Although Gus’s brief postcards from the army arrive intermittently, Louie pores over them seeking clues and links. While he aches for Gus, Louie misses his friend Mack too. Suddenly, he seems more interested in mooning over Nora’s older sister.
Sharon Creech is an award winning writer of Love that Dog amongst other titles. Her writing is poignant, empathetic, wry and engaging. This children’s bookseller wells up when she thinks of Saving Winslow. It is a truly beautiful book, that we urge readers to choose.


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