Lotte doesn’t believe in happy endings. The stories she knows are crafted from the paper characters and tales she creates with her scissors- snip, snip, snip .Otherwise, she lives a life of work at the paper mill and tasks set by her odious sisters.

However, when her scissors create glorious gowns for Tabitha and Matilda to wear to the Prince’s ball, something snaps. Thereafter, she realises her scissors offer her an escape. Adorned in a paper cut dress, she entrances the Princes with her scissor skill and fairytale telling, that he is determined to find her when rain falls and she is forced to run to safety.

Although her sisters taunt her that the Prince could not be interested in anyone like her, Lotte faces him when he arrives at the girls’ home. Is it possible that she and the Prince might snip a route together, that happy endings ARE possible?

Clare Helen Welsh is inspired by pioneer animator Lotte Reiniger in her retelling of this traditional story. Meanwhile, Laura Barrett’s silhouettes and paper cutting skills are magical. Altogether, Scissorella is a charming, bewitching and splendid picture book that merits reading, luxuriating over, treasuring and gifting.

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The Paper Princess; with Peep-Through Pages

Clare Helen Welsh and Laura Barrett

(Andersen Press)– hardback

It seems that pioneer animator Lotte Reiniger is the inspiration for Scissorella. Thereafter, Clare Helen Welsh, reinterprets the traditional story of Cinderella, to tell Lotte’s story. Like the traditional heroine, Lotte is overwhelmed by two ‘horrible sisters’. What’s more, she works all day in a mill, drying paper. However, paper gives her an escape route, as she crafts characters and stories through her cutting skills.
What’s more, when it comes time for a ball, her scissor skills enable her to create a magnificent paper dress. Then again, she takes her scissors to the gathering, where she entertains bored Prince Carl. Yet paper gowns and rain are not compatible and Lotte escapes when she feels raindrops fall. However, she determines to front up to the prince when he searches for the magical paper craftsperson. What’s more, her skills enable them to find a happy ending…. unconventional, but inspiring.
Alongside the ingenious interpretation, this book enjoys quite glorious silhouette, three-dimensional type pictures from Laura Barrett. Furthermore, its centrepiece is an outstanding double-page fold out spread that makes us gasp in admiration at the skill and imagination!
Unlike Cindergorilla, this Cinders story does not require dance shoes. What’s more, our heroine believes in hard work and inspiration. Bookwagon loves Scissorella and recommends it to be shared, wondered over, treasured and gifted. It is a truly beautiful picture book.


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