Seahorses are Sold Out


It seems the Seahorses are Sold Out. However, Mika amasses quite a menagerie thanks to taking Dad’s wallet and visiting the pet store. It seems one isn’t right. The mouse enjoys its tunnels and hiding places, but cannott be found. Thankfully the pet store has a puppy which helps track the mouse.

However, the puppy requires a guide to help with greater care in its toileting arrangements. Seal is up to the task, but the fun the group have in the bathroom seems to exclude mouse. That’s where penguin comes in with swimming lessons.

Dad encourages the group to not go ‘too wild’ from his busy office, so they retreat to watch TV. Yet ‘too much TV isn’t good for you’ Dad reminds Mika. After that the group returns to the bathroom, where penguin sulks. Penguin prefers  television. animal shows Maybe it’s time for a parrot to keep penguin company? Yet what if Dad doesn’t like the way penguin talks to him? Could a baby elephant ‘who’s exceptionally musical‘ drown out the park’s cheekiness?

Is Dad aware of any of the changes in his home? We know he’s exceptionally busy and cannot accompany Mika to the lake. What’s more, Mika’s friend, Karli has gone to stay with his grandma. Therefore, the pets are company and entertainment. How might this all end?

What an imaginative, curious and satisfying story! Alongside a really matter-of-fact, tongue- in-cheek text, we’ve bright eyed pictures full of detail and wit, that are so enjoyable. Bookwagon loves Seahorses are Sold Out. We are so happy to recommend this witty, wise and original translation to our readers.

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Seahorses are Sold Out

Katja Gehrmann and Constanze Spengler

(Gecko Press)

Mika’s Dad is to busy to go ‘to the lake’. Maybe this means it’s a good time to negotiate for a pet. After all a pet would  allow Dad to ‘work in peace‘ as he asks. It seems as though Mika’s ‘wanted a dog or a cat or even a mouse for absolute ages, but Dad always says no’. What’s more, Dad is so busy that it’s time to be given his wallet and told ‘to watch out for traffic on the way’.
So what does Mika bring home? A mouse might be a good pet. Maybe you could play and build tunnels and hiding places, but what if the mouse gets lost? Maybe it would mean buying a puppy. After all they’ve sensitive noses that ‘can sniff out anything‘. Yet what if the puppy’s toileting habits need a little support? Could these lead to a sea lion to ‘live in the bathroom’ to ‘make sure everyone uses the toilet properly‘? Thereafter, what if everyone wants to hang around in the bathroom except the mouse, who cannot swim. Could it be a penguin could help ‘teach him’?
Where will it end? It might be a case that the Seahorses are Sold Out? Furthermore, what’s happening with Mika’s father all this time? Is he not aware of what is going on in the house?
Alongside the rich humour and imagination. Katja Gehrmann and Constanze Spengler offer a really readable story, in the style of Bruno. Like that superb translation, this book’s pictures are rich with meaning, detail and delight. Altogether it means that Seahorses are Sold Out is a curious story full of unexpected twists and turns, originality and huge satisfaction. Will they ever get to the lake?


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