Secrets Of A Sun King


Lilian Kaye is aware of her responsibility to work as hard as she can at St Kilda’s and make a future for herself. However, she’s concerned about her grandfather’s ill-health, and a strange package of which she takes delivery. How does Grandad’s early days of exploration in ancient Egypt, the strange package and Howard Carter’s excavation of Tutankhamun’s tomb interconnect? Lilian is determined to work it out. Thankfully, she’s not alone, for her investigation introduces her to two friends, `also curious about the Carter’s expedition and ancient Egyptian history. Together, they unlock the ‘Secrets Of A Sun King‘.

‘Secrets of A Sun King‘ is a thrilling and convincing novel. There is so much to take from it. Somehow, Emma Carroll convinces us of the heat and newly independent Egyptian setting, while in England, we feel a lingering post- Great War sense of bereavement. The letters constructed through Lysandra, offer a glimpse of the young Sun King, so we have an impression of the youth and probably vulnerability of the pharaoh behind the gold mask. We recommend ‘Secrets Of A Sun King’ highly. We love this book.


Secrets Of A Sun King

Emma Carroll

(Faber & Faber)

A discovery at her ailing grandfathers flat kickstarts a whole new world in a very different setting for Lilian Kaye. Suddenly she is party to the ‘Secrets of a Sun King‘. Emma Carroll is the Queen of children’s historical fiction. This is a fascinating, sand storming title.


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