See You in the Cosmos


Eleven-year-old Alex has a fascination with life beyond our universe. He is a keen communicator on, where other members post about the annual SHARF rocket launch in New Mexico, which Alex determines to attend. Despite caring for his mother, with her ‘sad days’, his preoccupation with his late father, responsibility in reporting to his older brother, and concern about the digestive needs of his puppy Carl Sagan, Alex feels that launching his iPod, laden with communication for an unseen force beyond the galaxy, is something he can do.

What Alex can’t know, is what his journey and encounters, will unearth. We travel alongside him, listening into his travelogue through the iPod, realising that behind the facts, lie further truths that Alex does not or cannot realise.

This is a strong, warm, considered young adult book. We recommend ‘See You In the Cosmos‘ to committed readers, keen to engage with a new hero, rather like Channel 5, or other members of

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See You In The Cosmos

Jack Cheng


 Alex’s origins, personal life, discoveries and needs collide, stratospherically, from his journey to New Mexico. He plans to launch his iPod into space as part of a rocket festival. ‘See You in the Cosmos‘ is a brave, open-ended and emotional reading journey, recommended for any committed reader.


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