See You When I See You


A day trip with her class to Stockholm’s Skansen zoo should be a happy experience for Dani, but the absence of her best friend Ella and the continued mockery of Vicky and Micky, leave her feeling bereft, so she separates from the group. Amidst the crowds of zoo visitors, and a creeping knowledge that she is lost, she sees another class, another school on an outing, and then a familiar hopping, skipping figure- Ella.

What the two friends get up to, and the ramifications, are ripe for reading and discussion. Dani’s feelings and experience are real, meaningful and respectful to the reader. This is a superb series for younger readers, but also for their adults. We recommend ‘See You When I See You‘ highly to all readers, aged from six, or seven, or eight years of age.


See You When I See You

Rose Lagercrantz and Eva Eriksson

(Gecko Press)

Dani’s class is on a school trip to Skansen, Stockholm’s largest zoo. Dani is still trying to find her place with her classmates, but Vicky and Micky seem determined to undermine her. Recovering from their taunts, with her class missing, Dani cannot believe who she spies at the end of another school line’s class visit; it’s Ella, her best, most beloved friend!
Another title in this beautiful series is always welcome. As ever, the trials of Dani are not easy reading. There is a lot to think over and possibly discuss, but the truths and feelings are weighted by empathetic pathos and respect. We recommend ‘See You When I See You‘ to readers of ‘ My Happy Life ‘ series, looking to build their reading depth, skills of inference and pleasure in a splendid title.


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