Serendipity is a collection of ten ‘falling in love’ stories, collated and edited by award-winning New York YA writer, Marissa Meyer.

The collection includes a graphic story, Keagan’s Heaven on Earth (Secret Admirer). What’s more it is truly representative in its characters. Then again, we move from the boy next door, in the opening story, a favourite of this reader, Bye Bye Piper Berry, to the London Eye! It seems there’s an Anglophile here, In a Blink of an Eye, whose longed for visit to London is gate crashed by her best friend’s boyfriend. However, in this story, as in many others, truths are realised, along with being shared.

Bookwagon recommends this collection, Serendipity, to older teen readers. This title includes content and language suitable to older readers.

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A Gorgeous Collection of all kinds of falling in love…

Edited by Marissa Meyer

(Faber & Faber)

Ten leading YA writers offer stories ‘of all kinds of falling in love‘ in Serendipity. Therefore, we’ve the boy next door in the opening story from Julie Murphy of If the Shoe Fits. Then again, we’ve a story of being trapped together where truths are learned in In a Blink of an Eye. Furthermore, we’ve a story of the compromise promise, that is not really a compromise, in Auld Acquaintance. What’s more, within the writing is a graphic story, Keagan’s Heaven on Earth (The Secret Admirer) from Sarah Winifred Seattle.
While each story engages quickly, I’ve a number that I enjoyed particularly, including The Idiom Algorithm. This title reminded me of the YA works of Kelly Yang. What’s more, like that title, the confident editing of Marissa Meyer, ensures that there is a broad and true representation within the collection. This means that we feel this is authentic to the feelings, our lives and experiences. When Camila lifts Ximena in Liberty, we feel the closeness and confusion.
Bookwagon recommends Serendipity to older teen readers especially. While the stories are beautifully structured and uplifting, there is more adult content included here, including bad language.


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