Seven Stories Up


Seven Stories Up‘ in the Hotel Calvert, Annie’s grandmother, Molly lies, gravely ill. Annie doesn’t know her grandmother very well. Despite her grandmother’s ill health, she is delighted at the chance to get to know her. What she hadn’t bargained for is awakening the morning after her arrival in 1937.

Molly is the youngest daughter of the Hotel Calvert’s owner, kept indoors and alone for the good of her health. Annie has other plans. Together, she and Molly explore the streets of Baltimore, learning about each other, their strengths, similarities and differences. The discoveries they make shape their future.

‘Seven Stories Up‘ is a warm, approachable and convincing story. Bookwagon recommends it to readers who enjoy character led stories, particularly.

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Seven Stories Up

Laurel Snyder

(Random House USA)

Seven Stories Up‘ is a story about the connection that occurs between generations. Annie knows little about her grandmother, Molly who lies ill at the Hotel Calvert. Yet Annie meets a younger Molly in the Hotel Calvert when she awakens the following morning in 1937. ‘Seven Stories Up’ is a positive and thoughtful story recommended to readers who enjoy character driven writing.



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