Shackles from the Deep


When Michael H. Cottman, acclaimed journalist and keen diver, learns of the shocking discovery of 300-year old iron shackles, remnants of a slave ship, he embarks on a personal journey. Cottman aims to trace the ship’s sordid past and reclaim some honour for those taken so ruthlessly from their homes. These African children and young people were stolen and subjected to terrifying journeys across dangerous oceans to enslavement in strange, new lands.

Shackles from the Deep‘ is a clear-eyed, unsentimental or histrionic story of a shameful era. Alongside this, the reader is aware of Cottman’s personal journey. His motivation is beyond speculation of his own relatives’ slavery and becomes more about recovery of records and substantiation.

Bookwagon recommends ‘Shackles from the Deep‘ to all readers, aged from 9 or 10 years of age.


Shackles from the Deep

Michael H. Cottman

(National Geographic)- hardback

In ‘Shackles from the Deep‘, Pulitzer Prize winning author, political reporter and diving enthusiast, Michael H. Cottman, begins a personal journey into the history of the slave trade. He learns of the shocking discovery of hundreds of iron slave shackles beneath the sea bed of a shipwreck off the Florida Keys. What is the story of the ‘Henrietta Marie’ and its human cargo?


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