Shadow Fox


The fox is disappointed when a girl appears outside Nan’s house. She’d set her mind to the treat that Nan would have for her. It seems that this human is one of the few she trusts. In fact, as we read on, we learn why she’s so mistrustful, especially after the loss of her sister and mother. Then again, she has ways of wreaking revenge from where she sprays, to her shoe collection.

However, what if the girl is there for a reason? Then again, could it be that Nan’s disappearance is somehow intended? That the girl, Beatrice, and the fox, are somehow bound by some magic crafted by Nan? Furthermore, might that magic lie closer than Shadow, as Bee calls her, and Bee, might ever realise? That the magic intertwines their thoughts and feelings, to emerge from Shadow alone? In fact, that Shadow has the power to repel the hunters and their plans to erase a natural world?

Bookwagon recommends Shadow Fox to middle grade readers with magic, the environment, animals and nature front and centre of their thinking, hopes and reading love.

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Shadow Fox

Carlie Sorosiak

(Nosy Crow)

Fox’s following a lead to Nan’s, the woman whose smells suggest trout, food, comfort and some element of trust. However, there’s a girl in her place, a foxy familiar girl. What’s more she’s wearing Nan’s clothing and seems to be weeping for her. It’s only a short time later that the pair are aboard a boat bound for Whistlenorth. What’s more, it seems that this fox’s bound in some way to this girl, Beatrice. In fact, this is the magical Shadow Fox. What’s more the magic deep within this creature is aboard this boat as some kind of vessel in Nan’s plans.
Carlie Sorosiak fills this story with wonder and scent. Then again, as with her earlier titles, including Always, Clementine, there’s a real sense of the animal who is our narrator. Thereafter we feel the jolt with which our fox’s aware of her innate connection to Beatrice. Then again, as we continue their training, magic, juggling of teaspoons (!), we learn the reasons why they’re bonded. Yet what of the deep grief that undermines Shadow’s focus and trust?
Furthermore, what of the island? Then again, what of the hunters? The other humans who’ve so hurt this animal in the past? Are Beatrice and Shadow Fox safe from harm? Thereafter, might Nan’s magical intent pay off or is it all doomed? Can the creatures, the wonder of nature by saved?


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