Shadowhall Academy: The Whispering Walls


Despite outward appearances, Lilian’s anxious about joining Shadowhall Academy. Then again, she’s also curious about this aged establishment, once home to the Burgoyne family.

It’s not long before Lilian’s curiosity becomes a need to investigate further. Who could be knocking within the walls, keeping new dorm mate Angela awake? Could it be Cold Mary, said to have been trapped within the walls?

Then again what about the Burgoyne family itself? There are stories about tragic twins with one lost forever? How might this be anything to do with Angela, and then students from the past? What might this mean for Lilian when she recovers an old necklace? For example, might it persuade Lilian, Angela, Marian and Serena to investigate further? Even take a midnight row to the Burgoyne museum upon the school’s island?

Shadowhall Academy: The Whispering Walls introduces us to four boarding school pupils immersed in ghostly stories and investigation. Is it possible that they can crack the story of The Whispering Walls? Then again, what might they discover in further stories?

Bookwagon is overjoyed to introduce a further title, a new series from the Aveline Jones‘ creator, Phil Hickes. This reader was scared, curious but not brave enough to will on the quartet’s unravelling of stories past. What a superb and gripping story!

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Shadowhall Academy: The Whispering Walls

Phil Hickes, with illustrations by Keith Robinson


Lillian may have been up to going to boarding school, following her mother’s example, but the reality is different. However, she’s a girl who takes on challenges. It seems, from the moment she’s driven through the beastly gargoyle armed gates Lilian’s prepared for adventure.
However, when fellow new dorm mate Angela is kept awake by ghostly knocking, it seems there’s a spooky explanation. Cold Mary? Trapped within the old school’s walls? In fact, this school was once the ancestral home of the Burgoyne family. What’s more, there are further strange and menacing stories about them; in particular twin daughters. Is it possible that Lilian, Angela, Serena and Marian would ever consider investigating? Furthermore, could the necklace Lilian finds be something to do with the Burgoyne family? Thereafter, might there be other girls like Cold Mary, other missing students from years past? Then again, how might they each be linked to a tragic story of ghostly twins?
Phil Hickes hooked readers completely with his trilogy books that focused upon  Aveline Jones. Bookwagon is delighted that he’s extended his thrilling reach with a new series, Shadowhall Academy. This centres around a quartet of brave investigators. The Whispering Walls introduces us to the girls and then to their first investigation. Bookwagon cannot wait for more! We recommend Shadowhall Academy: The Whispering Walls highly to all thrill loving, boarding school reading aficionados!


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