Shadows of the Silver Screen


A mysterious filmmaker approaches The Penny Dreadful with a proposal to turn one of the magazine’s sinister stories into a motion picture. Filming begins but is plagued by a series of strange and frightening events. As Penelope Tredwell digs further into the background of the film-maker, she is drawn into the mystery, but finds herself trapped in a nightmare. Can Penny uncover the filmmaker’s dark secret before it’s too late?


Shadows of the Silver Screen

Christopher Edge

(Nosy Crow)

The second in the thrilling trilogy by Christopher Edge featuring intrepid reporter Penelope Tredwell, this time Penny has to investigate spooky events on a film set.  Sinister film-maker Edward Gold has secured the rights to film one of the ‘Penny Dreadful’ magazine stories.  But strange happenings keep interrupting the film and Penny becomes concerned for the health of the actors.
This is a really scary story from Christopher Edge, who will go on to produce some of the most intriguing and thought-provoking novels for young readers, such as The Longest Night of Charlie Noon and The Jamie Drake Equation.


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