Shadows of Winterspell


Stella is aware that her new friend Yanny has a ‘glamour’ about him. She has it too, yet Nan wove it tightly around her when she rescued Stella from the forest and the Shadow King. Nan wove charms around the home she created for Stella, also, where they live with Peg the imp. However, Stella is stepping into the real world, to school, with friends, realising the greater threat of the Shadow King in ‘Shadows of Winterspell’.

What does this new understanding mean for Stella? What can she do about it? She sees the effect that fighting back the forest shadows has on Yanny and his family. Furthermore she’s aware that the shadows seem particularly drawn to her from brief, troubling visits to the forest. There is a suggestion that Stella has greater power than that she’s ever been aware. What magic lies beneath Stella’s glamour, within her sprite self?

Amy Wilson’s Snowglobe is a winter wonder reading hit with Bookwagon. We are delighted to introduce this latest magical title to readers. ‘Shadows of Winterspell’ is about friendship, family, wonder and possibilities.


Shadows of Winterspell

Amy Wilson

(Pan Macmillan)

‘Shadows of Winterspell’ tug at the charms that Nan has placed around the home she created for Stella. This is a place of safety and enchantment, removed from the Shadow King and the human world. However, Stella needs more than ghostly Nan and Peg the imp. She wants school and friends and a life experience. Could it be that Stella is ready to fulfil a potential about which she is unaware? Furthermore, could Stella’s potential bring safety and calm to the forest, where all life is threatened by the shadows woven by the Shadow King?
Bookwagon loves Amy Wilson’s earlier titles, including Snowglobe. This writer is able to weave Jack Frost-like magical tales of intricacy, danger and magic. We enter that same world of wonder in this title. Furthermore the themes of friendship, family and courage are deftly and convincingly woven. ‘Shadows of Winterspell’ is a brave, beautiful story.


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