Sherlock and the Disappearing Diamond Mystery


While John Watson is returning to the place in which he used to live, he is joining a new school, the Baker Street Academy. There are few familiar faces. Amongst the new ones, is one to whom Martha Hudson, class leader, is keen to introduce him, whizz kid Sherlock Holmes. Both Martha and Sherlock recommend John stays away from school bully, James Moriarty. Somehow, he keeps popping up in unexpected places….

Sam Hearn has taken the familiar in ‘Sherlock‘ and created a ripe, winning, exciting children’s story. He reinterprets the story of the Reichenbach Falls, with a school visit to the British Museum as the setting. Including sections of graphic text, alongside emails and speech bubbles makes ‘Sherlock and the Disappearing Diamond Mystery‘ even more appealing and readable.

We recommend this pacy, exciting, enveloping story to newer readers, or those who would enjoy a really approachable, satisfying read.

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Sherlock and the Disappearing Diamond Mystery

Sam Hearn


 What has James Moriarty to do with the theft of a world famous diamond? Have the police made the right conviction in Pietro Venzeni? ‘Sherlock and the Disappearing Diamond Mystery‘ is a captivating, image-packed, exciting and authentic interpretation of the classic detective story.


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