Shhh! I’m Reading!


Shhh! I’m Reading! declares Bella. Maurice the Penguin may want the ‘tippity-tap-tap of [her]shoes‘ and the roar of the applause to announce ‘Showtime’! However, Bella is caught up in her book. What’s more she’s just arrived at the AMAZING part!

Captain Bluebottom the Flatulent invites her to duels and adventures with the Windy Pirates but yet again Bella declines. He’s horrified that she’s reading. Emperor Flabulon the Wobbulous reminds Bella that she ‘defends the Earth on a Sunday afternoon‘. However, this Sunday is different, for Bella is ‘reading the BEST book ever’. Will anyone else interrupt her? Could anyone call her away from her book? Might anyone join her?

With rich imagination, huge possibilities, wonderful language, and swirling, enticing pictures, ‘Shhh! I’m Reading!‘ is a warm, winning picture book delight. Bookwagon roars with applause as we welcome the tippity-tap-tap of a new John Kelly title.


Shhh! I’m Reading!

John Kelly and Elina Ellis

(Little Tiger)

Shhh! I’m Reading! Bella doesn’t mind that it’s a ‘wet and windy Sunday afternoon’ for she’s started reading ‘the best book EVER‘. What’s more she’s just arrived at ‘the AMAZING bit‘ when… Captain Bluebottom the Flatulent interrupts her with an invitation to join the Windy Pirates on an adventure. He’s aghast that Bella would turn him down to read her book. ‘How could a book be better than a voyage to Devil’s Island‘… he blusters.
Thereafter, Bella continues to read her book until… Maurice Penguin arrives to declare that ‘It’s SHOWTIME!‘ However Bella wants to read. How will Maurice in his SPANGLY costume, ready for ‘the roar of applause‘ react?
Who else might interrupt Bella’s reading? Will anyone join her in this pursuit?
Bookwagon welcomes this latest title by favourite picture book writer John Kelly of Fixer the Robot and What Do You Do if Your House is a Zoo? Like those books and Can I Join Your Club? the humour and meaning are rich and enjoyable. These are stories we want to read (just like Bella!) Shhh! I’m Reading! 


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