Shine, Star, Shine!


Shine, Star, Shine! From the first fizzing brilliance of a nebular explosion, to the way this star might become our Sun that opens our daytime, for fox, stag or jackdaw, or us as we ‘live and play‘ or work and sleep.

Thereafter this star creates our seasons, so that we might be playing ‘in the heat of Star’s gaze‘ or experience it lingering ‘mostly below‘ leaving the ‘poles cold‘ with an ‘eerie and blue’ light.

Dom Conlon continues his superb poetry series, initiated with Leap, Hare, Leap! with this stirring, informative, glorious celebration of our sun in Shine, Star, Shine! Bookwagon loves the poetry, its repetition, word twists and observations, movement and description. What’s more Anastasia Izlesou’s pictures are bold, expansive and rich.

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Shine, Star, Shine!

Dom Conlon & Anastasia Izlesou


How are stars born? Might each be ‘a nebula- gas and dust/ squeeze ’til it sparks’Dom Conlon invites us to ‘open the curtains and let the light in an Shine, Sir, Shine!
This is the fourth collaboration with Anastasia Izlesou, following Blow, Wind, Blow!. Bookwagon loves the science alongside the poetry. Therefore, we observe our star’s rising ‘in the east to bring out the day’ watching the stag, jackdaw and fox while we ‘live and we play’ and work and sleep.Then again, we’re reminded of the turn of the Earth so that there is ‘night and there’s day‘ within the seasons. What’s more, we’re reminded of our star’s might in that the Sun ‘ripens the wheat on Idaho farms/ adds fire to spice in Punjab‘. Our Sun’s rays are felt i’n Californian waters’, and ‘flowers and forests from China to Brazil’. Then again, this Sun ‘lifts up the wind/ and heats- the water’ which cools into clouds high above’.
Once again, Anastasia Izlesou’s pictures are rich and vibrant. Then again, the poetry is broad, inclusive, descriptive and celebratory. We journey ‘above the North Pole‘ beyond ‘through seasons, through years and through lifetimes’. This is a glorious poetry book. Bookwagon loves and recommends Shine, Star Shine!


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