Shiny Pippin and the Broken Forest


Shiny Pippin and the Broken Forest‘ starts normally enough. Pippin is spending time with Granny, watching snooker on her enormous television. There’s a news flash announcing that all the water in their town, Funsprings, has disappeared. At that moment, our adventure begins. Pippin is about to learn her true destiny. It may have something to do with how she can understand her pet mouse, Tony.

Deep into the broken forest Pippin travels, especially prepared with Granny’s kit. Magic is about. The forest animals sense it too, from Oswald the weary stag, to his energetic son Martin, to Turbo the badger! Unfortunately, there is bad magic afoot too, with an evil, jewel hunting scientist and a wicked Emperor penguin. Thank heavens that Granny has been waiting for this moment, when Pippin will ‘shine’.

‘Shiny Pippin and the Broken Forest‘ is an inspiring, funny, crafty adventure, with wit and purpose. From animals to puns, Monster Munch to brave frogs, this is an original, silly and gorgeous story.


Shiny Pippin and the Broken Forest

Harry Heape, illustrated by Rebecca Bagley

(Faber & Faber)

Shiny Pippin and the Broken Forest’ is a funderfilled adventure story of magic and impossibubble-ities. Join Pippin and her best- loved mouse Tony as they seek a way to return water to Funsprings. At the same time, Pippin is learning about shiny-ness from her Granny…


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