Shiver Point: It Came From the Woods


Shiver Point: It Came From the Woods is the first instalment of a cracking new horror comedy series from Gabriel Dylan.

A group of disparate children, not well known to each other, have all seen a streak of light in the night sky over the hum-drum seaside town of Shiver Point.  It’s the sort of place where nothing much ever happens, so the possibility of some kind of meteorite landing in nearby Howlmoor Forest is too tempting to not investigate.  For Alex, newly-arrived in town and without any friends, it’s an opportunity for much-needed interest.

What the children find soon becomes the stuff of nightmares however.  First, there seems to have been a plague of slug-like creatures that explode when exposed to light.  The slimy things seem to be controlled by a bloodthirsty bodysnatcher who tries to break into Alex’s home.  Then all the town’s adults begin to be seized by some kind of zombie-like state.

The children will have to pool their courage and skills to overcome the heinous threat to the town.  Along the way for readers there are engaging characters, lots of laughs and plenty of blood-curdling thrills and terror.  This is a wholly recommended start to what promises to be an excellent series.

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Shiver Point: It Came From the Woods

Gabriel Dylan

(Piccadilly Press)

Shiver Point: It Came From the Woods takes place in a quiet little seaside town.  It’s a hugely boring town according to Alex, newly-arrived with his nurse Mum.  It’s true that nothing particular interesting really ever happens there, neither is there much to do.  This is certainly the case until one night he spots what looks like a meteorite plummeting into nearby Howlmoor Forest.
Despite being nervous about what he might find there, Alex goes to investigate. He isn’t aware that four other kids from his school (who he doesn’t know really) have also spotted the strange light in the sky.  They are Oli, always in detention; brainy Sophia, curious Mo and tech-genius Riley.  What they all discover at the landing site is way beyond their expectations and soon it features in their nightmares.
Before they know it, the town is overridden with heinous slug-like black slime creatures.  They seem to be under the control of a bloodthirsty bodysnatcher.  Then they find that many of the town’s adults, including Alex’s Mum, are under some kind of spell, acting like zombies.  What on earth has arrived with the meteorite and can the children pool their resources, find the courage and act before it’s too late?


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