Show and Tell


The big day’s arrived for Class 2L! It’s ‘Show and Tell’ time and there’s a prize for the exhibit that impresses Mr Lambert the most! Could it be Adam’s sunflower seed or Charlie’s galleon hat? Possibly it’s Eddie’s Venus flytrap, or even Mo’s laser sword? As each candidate steps forward with ever more impressive and outrageous items to show, we’re gripped and astounded! Could it be that Oliver has a spacesuit and Parmider a parrot? Then, Quinn becomes leader ‘by quite some distance/ He’s brought in the speediest car in existence!‘ When Ulysses arrives with the Loch Ness monster, you’d presume the competition is over, but there’s more in store!

Rob Biddulph’s gleaming rhyming text is enhanced by Despicables- like, bright eyed, boldly coloured pictures. ‘Show and Tell‘ is outrageous, a feast for the eyes and imagination. Let’s join the audience…

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Show and Tell

Rob Biddulph


Show and Tell‘ with Class 2L! Which exhibit will be chosen winner? Mr Lumsden reminds his class, ‘The child that impresses me most wins the prize.’ The session begins with Adam who offers, ‘a treasure indeed/ A small piece of sunshine, this sunflower seed.‘ Thereafter, with a flourish, it’s Betty, with ‘ a whole tin of BLUE spaghetti’! It seems like each new showpiece grows ever grander and more extreme! What will Charlie have? Thereafter, could it be that Darcy has…. ‘gold violins’?
Like King Otter or The Only Way is Badger there is an intrinsic message within this captivating picture book. However, the message is subtle, captivating and so imaginative! You won’t believe the wonders 2L have to ‘Show and Tell’!


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