Silence Is Not an Option


Stuart Lawrence’s life changed in front of the world on the night his older brother, Stephen, was murdered. While this tragedy has defined Stuart to some degree, it has also motivated him. After  a career in teaching. Stuart Lawrence is a motivational speaker. In Silence is Not an Option, he tracks the legacy of life with, and since, Stephen, and offers concrete, proven advice.

He shares mistakes he made such as sitting his GCSE exams immediately after his brother’s death, and shares his early lack of self- belief. Thereafter, he explains how he works to be the best he can be, to make Stephen proud, ‘because [I] knew he would want [me] to be great’.

Strategies, from goal setting, sharing goals with people you trust, understanding money, and learning from failure (fail- first attempt in learning), are offered, alongside examples. We hear Stuart’s voice and the clarity of his message.

Bookwagon took notes, for Silence is Not an Option is a book of lifelong learning. The tips encourage us to realise more about ourselves, what feels good and what our aspirations might be and how to achieve them. Bookwagon recommends Silence is Not an Option as a positive, aspirational reading choice.

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Silence is Not an Option

You Can Impact the World for Change: Stand Up Speak Out Be the Difference

Stuart Lawrence


Through his experience as the younger brother of Stephen Lawrence and his life work, Stuart Lawrence asserts that Silence is Not an Option. The writer has moved from teaching to work as ‘a motivational speaker and young engagement specialist’. Silence is Not an Option is a guide book that takes what he has lived and believes. Thereafter, each of the nine chapters opens with an example of his life, from his early admiration of footballer John Barnes, to his continual lifelong learning. Therefore he dismisses expectations of him, at his age, and promotes the idea that we continue to learn and feel and work life out.
Of course his life changed devastatingly with the murder of his older brother, Stephen Lawrence- BBC Newsround. Stuart Lawrence explains some of the effects of this upon him. They include the loss of someone he loved and admired, to the way Stephen was portrayed, wrongly in the initial court case. Thereafter he shows how he has made mistakes. For example, he attended his GCSE exams immediately after his brother’s murder because he thought he should. Furthermore, he explains the positive aspects upon his life, i.e., how he uses Stephen’s example to motivate himself.
The format, with the bold  graphics and direct, decisive advice is truly motivating. What’s more, rather like Sinéad Burke with Break the Mould, guidance from somebody who has truly lived a life seems more meaningful, too! Bookwagon has taken a number of pieces of advice from this motivating title, including setting goals and maintaining our unique character. We suggest that other readers will be as informed and inspired by this title, as we are.


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