Simon Sock


‘Simon Sock‘ longs for adventures. Woolly socks and sporty socks are always chosen from their cosy drawer, while Simon lingers. It’s because he’s a solo sock. Where might he find a stripy match? Ted’s on the case! Who might he choose?

Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet are a dynamic picture book making duo, with ideas aplenty. The storytelling in ‘Simon Sock‘ is entrancing and funny. It is cleverly sequenced and fully characterised. Ted’s suggestions are outrageous. Could the ideal match REALLY be ideal? Really?

I appreciate the subversive, individual message in this story. ‘Simon Sock‘ is a great early reading choice for younger readers seeking a story with which to engage, chuckle, read and love.


Simon Sock

Sue Hendra and Paul LInnet

(Hodder Children’s Books)– board book

‘Simon Sock‘ wonders why he is never chosen for adventures! He’s stripy and cosy, but it appears only two socks head out for adventures. Why does everyone have a turn except Simon? Can Ted help? He has some matching suggestions for Simon! Who might they be? Will ‘Simon Sock’ find his perfect match?


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