Sing Along with Me! Incy Wincy Spider


Sing Along with Me! Incy Wincy Spider is travelling up the spout. We can push the tab and watch him journey yet… ‘Along came the rain’ and- Oh no! Poor Incy! What will he do now?

Alongside Incy Wincy is a catalogue of characters. The spout is attached to a cat’s house. She raises and lowers the blinds to check on the weather. Can she see Incy? Above her house is a nest of baby birds. We hope they’ll be sheltered during the rain!

Bookwagon’s very youngest readers are invited to recite the rhyme, push the tabs and wheels and watch the story unfold. Furthermore, there may be opportunities to remember the verse and practise the finger rhymes too! This is a beautiful, bright, language building board book!


Sing Along with Me! Incy Wincy Spider

illustrated by Yu- hsuan Huang

(Nosy Crow)- board book

Sing Along With Me! Incy Wincy Spider/ ‘Climbed up the water spout. We know the words and the rhyme. Here’s an invitation to join in and watch Incy’s progress. There are spouts up which to climb and thereafter, wheels to turn. Furthermore, there are finger actions that might be enjoyed too!
Like A Sailor Went to Sea, Nosy Crow Publishing has taken a familiar verse and had Yu-hsuan Huang illustrate it. Thereafter we’ve bright- eyed, bird watched Incy proceeding up the water spout until ‘down came the rain….‘ At that point we can push Incy up and down the water spout, while alongside a keen kitten peeps out from behind the blind. Poor Incy and yet when the sun comes out, we see how happy everything is when it is all ‘dried up‘, including Incy! Finally, when Incy climbs ‘up the spout again’ we’re offered another chance to peep inside the kitten’s abode and spy on the baby birds in the nest above the house.
Sing Along With Me! Incy Wincy Spider is an essential title to add to any very young reader’s repertoire. Joining in the rhyme, remembering, reciting, acting out and manipulating the tabs and wheels all aid early reading and language skills. Furthermore, the bright colours within such an appealing, accessible book are ideal!


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