Sing Like a Whale


The biggest lion in a family is the father lion. He ‘likes to shake his shaggy mane and tell us all how strong he is. Roar! Roar!‘ We’re invited to ‘do the same‘. What’s more, we’re asked to ‘lie down like a sleeping lion’ before shaking our manes, looking proud before ‘Roar! Roar!

Moira Butterfield reminds us that the world is wide. What’s more, we share it with many species. Every one makes different noises and moves differently for a variety of reasons. Therefore, we might ‘creep, creep… like a wolf hunting the forest‘ before looking up ‘at the silvery moon’. Then we might sit like ‘a little wolf’ before howling- ‘A- woo! A- woo!

Bookwagon loves the information, the fluidity, the natural rhythms and movements and then the lure to participate, so that we might Sing Like a Whale. We love this active, encouraging and beautifully presented picture book and recommend it highly to our youngest readers.

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Sing Like a Whale

Learn How to Make a Noise Like the Animals Do!

Moira Butterfield and Gwen Millward

(Welbeck Publishing)

Can you Sing Like a Whale? Then how does a humpback ‘(a male whale)- call his humpback friends- when the sea’s so wide’. It seems he ‘sings through the water- Long and low’. What’s more, we’re asked to ‘do the same‘, Thereafter- ‘Hoooooooo. Hoooooooo’. After that, we might choose to ‘swim around like a whale with flappy flippers’.
Then what about ‘a gibbon‘. Could we ‘Whoop, whoop!‘? Thereafter, might we ‘hold [our] arms high, like a gibbon‘ and pretend we’re ‘swimming through the trees’? When we call, we might point to the fruit we’ve found!
We might ‘whinny’ a hello, like a horse, or ‘meh-meh! Meh-meh!‘ like a ‘goat with a hairy beard‘. Then again, we might ‘peep, peep, peep!’ like a chick calling for its Mum!
Moira Butterfield reminds us that ‘the world is wide‘ as she’s shown in Welcome to our World, offering the human potential of friendship. Here, with the exuberant, active pictures of Gwen Millward, she encourages us to Sing Like a Whale. It means we’re   experiencing more than ourselves, hearing our voices, acting and interacting, moving and learning. Bookwagon loves and recommends this superb picture book!


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