Raina longed for a younger sister with whom she could play, share and engage. The reality is different. Amara and Raina seem to have little in common. Throw in a loud younger brother, a strained relationship between her parents, her father’s loss of work and a long road trip across the States, and the reader has the ingredients for a riveting, real and riotous read.

Raina Tellgemeier is a natural story teller. Somehow, through her careful text and descriptive illustration we realise Raina’s frustrations and fears, from snakes and spiders, to the anxiety she faces when reuniting with her cousins, to her desperation to relate to her sister. ‘Sisters‘ is a superb book. We recommend it highly to Bookwagon readers.

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Raina Telgemeier


Acclaimed graphic novelist Raina Telgemeier retells family truths in ‘Sisters‘, her companion piece to Smile.  In recalling a road trip across the States, she contemplates her relationship with her younger sister, brother and mother.  The relationship that concerns her most, is that with Amara, the sister for whom she once longed.
Sisters‘ is a recommended, thoughtful, funny and real read, recommended to all confident readers,  whether sister or brother.


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