Skunk and Badger


Badger is unprepared for Skunk’s arrival. He’s dismissed Aunt Lula’s letters advising him that he’s to have a housemate in her brownstone house in which he lives. After all Aunt Lula speaks and writes quickly (just like a pine marten) while Badger has important rock science work to do. It demands his full attention. Furthermore, Badger’s lived in her house for years and adapted it to suit his work. How on earth can he share his home and work? And with a Skunk? Won’t he demand to change things and get in the way?

Yet Skunk does not seem to take the hint, even when Badger is forced to admit him and then offers him a box room only. Somehow Skunk, with his delicious breakfasts and chicken friends, begins to intrude upon Badger’s routines, thinking and order of the house. There’s something about the tiny orange chicken for example- Bock!

Yet what might happen when there’s a salesman who does not have Skunk’s best interests at heart? Someone who seems to sniff out chickens? Will Badger heed the warnings? Furthermore has Badger rolled out the welcome mat really, or is he determined to go through with his plaintive entreaty to Aunt Lula for Skunk to be gone? Will Skunk discover that he’s sharing with someone who is not as honourable as he appears? If that is the case, what will be the result?

Skunk and Badger is a warm, loving, clever and truly articulate tale of friendship, ambition, animal instinct, truth and warmth. Amy Timberlake and Jon Klassen have created a really meaningful, witty and treasured book that Bookwagon recommends to readers of all ages.

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Skunk and Badger

by Amy Timberlake, with pictures by Jon Klassen

(Scholastic Children’s Books)– hardback

Skunk and Badger should be roommates within Aunt  Lula’s brownstone row house. However there’s a problem because Badger has not read any of Aunt Lula’s letters advising him of Skunk’s arrival. After all, he’s too busy with his rock science. Years have passed since Aunt Lula invited him to stay ‘justuntilyougetbackonyourfeet‘. He’s made alterations to the house to suit his serious rock science studies.
Yet how can he deny Skunk his invitation to stay in a home that is not his own? Is it possible that Aunt Lula might listen to Badger’s heartfelt letters that Skunk might leave? After all a Skunk cannot stay with a Badger, can they? Furthermore, a Skunk who carries a red suitcase and seems to be accompanied by chickens is no fit house share for a serious scientist! Not even if he cooks delicious breakfasts….
Skunk and Badger are ill-matched housemates, Badger is determined. Yet might the strains of his ukulele and the pulse of the tiny orange hen change Badger’s mind? After all a Badger cannot live by rocks alone….
Award-winning writer Amy Timberlake has created a compassionate, wry, symbolic tale which bears some similarities to Bookwagon beloved Armadillo and Hare. The storytelling is innovative, funny and almost ‘audible’. Furthermore, Jon Klassen’s illustrations take us deep into the brownstone; the chaos, charm and possible companionship.


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