Sky Song


Sky Song‘ is a stunning book. The quest for the legendary Frost Horn against a ticking clock of annihilation, taken by an unprepared, unready band, will last as long as the North Star. From courageous leading characters in Eska and Flint, a pulsating wilderness that hums with the harmony the Ice Queen seeks to destroy, to a landscape that palpates with wonder and possibility, ‘Sky Song‘ covers every base. I was captivated from the first page and could not put the book down. I smelled the fear, tingled with hope and drew back imaginary breaths to help Eska sing the ‘Sky Song‘.

Abi Elphinstone has crafted an exceptional book. I urge readers to seek out ‘Sky Song‘. At any age this title matters. The inherent messages of love, trust and hope, set within a longing landscape are pure and real.


Sky Song

Abi Elphinstone

(Simon & Schuster)

Fear, mistrust and expectant silence course the veins of the once magical kingdom, Erkenwald. The Ice Queen’s dark magic has splintered the harmony of the land’s tribes. Now, through seizing the ‘Sky Song‘ the Ice Queen seeks to silence the magic and wonder and hope of Erkenwald forever. Can anyone stop her? ‘Sky Song‘ is a masterpiece, a journey of hope and wilderness, strength and unity. 


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