Sky is the story of a girl’s magical adventure in Scotland.

Lara and her parents go to stay with her grandparents in the Scottish Highlands for the Christmas holidays.  Initially, Lara is reluctant to go because she doesn’t want to leave her friends behind.  However, she loves her grandparents and is also full of anticipation for the stay.  It seems her grandad has spotted a very rare Snowy Owl in the area and he and Lara set out for a walk to see if they can see the owl again.

Over the next few days, Lara ventures out and each time she finds the owl and takes photographs.  The owl seems to be beckoning Lara to follow it and leads Lara to a big house, where she encounters a girl called Amelia.  She is dressed in clothes from another era and very soon Lara realises she seems to have been magically transported back in time.  Amelia confides in Lara that her cousin Arthur collects birds’ eggs and is determined to steal the eggs of the Snowy Owl.  How can Lara help the owl and return to her own time?

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Holly Webb, illustrated by Britta Teckentrup and Jo Anne Davies

(Little Tiger Press) 

Sky tells the story of a magical adventure in the snow.

Staying with her grandparents in the Scottish Highlands, Lara is fascinated by the rare white snowy owl her grandad has spotted flying nearby. Every day she ventures out into the snowy countryside to find the owl.  The owl seems to be beckoning Lara to follow her.  When Lara does follows the beautiful bird into the woods, it leads her on a magical adventure…
Somehow, Lara is transported a century back in time.  There she befriends Amelia, who lives in a large mansion house that still stands.  Amelia confides in Lara about her cruel cousin, Arthur, who she’s sure is trying to hurt the baby owls nesting in the woods. When Lara discovers the hatchlings belong to her owl, Sky, she’s determined to help. But how can she protect them when she needs to return to her own time?
Holly Webb’s skill with stories about families, animals and magic is well known and this charming story is a winning one.  Bookwagon is pleased to stock several of Holly’s books, such as Luna and The Dawn Seal.


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