Sky Chasers


From the moment Magpie is carried aloft into the air, she is captivated. Suddenly there is meaning to her rooster-scratching life. Yet that moment is accidental and follows her ill-fated theft of the home of the sky chasing Montgolfier family. Magpie realises her identity must remain hidden, yet her energies become diverted into the race of hot air balloon flight.

Emma Carroll is the Queen of children’s historical fiction. In every title, which Bookwagon is proud to sell, she has convinced the reader of the authenticity of setting, purpose and character. ‘Skychasers‘ in its Auvergne Rhône-Alpes’ location amid the pomp of Louis XVI’s reign, offers the sensations of frenzy, suspicion and diversity of the age.

Bookwagon recommends ‘Sky Chasers’ to readers aged from 9 or 10 years of age.


Sky Chasers

Emma Carroll

From a prize-winning idea by Neal Jackson

(Chicken House)

Gold coins are Magpie’s lure when she agrees to thieve a box from a home by midnight. This theft introduces her to the cut-throat, race for her life world of the Montgolfier family. Against all that is known, they bid to launch the world’s first hot air balloon. What part will Magpie play in the sky chasers’ plans? A romping historical read, recommended for readers aged from 9 years.


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