Performance poetry is an immediate, magnetic way of giving and receiving messages. Poet Nikita Gill has selected a variety of poems from a range of contemporary poets in SLAM! for poets to perform. Furthermore, each is introduced with a biography of the poet, information about the work’s inspiration and/ or message ahead of the poem. It seems as though we’ve time to read and think about each poem.

At the conclusion, there is more information, including a biography or reference to titles. At this point there are top tips as to how to perform the work. For example, Suhaiymah Manzoor- Khan’s This is Not a Humanising Poem was inspired by the London Bridge attack of 2017. She opens with ‘Some poems force you to write them/ the way that sirens force their way through window panes in the night/ and you can’t shut out the news, even when you try’ 

Thereafter we learn of the rise and impact of Suhaiymah’s poetry and messages. The top tip in performing this work is that ‘honesty and vulnerability are’ unmatchable and unteachable.

SLAM! is a provocative and thoughtful work. There is such momentum, urgency and passion in the voices and words. Bookwagon recommends this book for reading and sharing in school and home.

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You’re Gonna Wanna Hear This

Chosen by Nikita Gill

(Pan Macmillan) 

With a selection of SLAM! perfect works, poet Nikita Gill directs us to performance poetry. Thereafter, each writer’s history and inspiration is offered ahead of the nominated work.
Therefore, with Amina Jama’s Mogadishu Funk, we read a mini biography of the poet, ahead of the work. At this point, we learn of her writing background. Then we’re offered a ‘top tip’, in this case, that watching our own performance of this poem draws our attention to how we use our hands and body. Are our movements natural or necessary?
When we read Sophia Thakkur’s When to Write, it opens with the poet’s inspiration. Thereafter, the top tip suggests that the performer should become the poem. To do this, it’s suggested that you have to recognise and characterise it.
SLAM! contains works from a huge range of contemporary poets with messages to share. The works are varied, urgent, audible and presented perfectly. It seems as though we are meant to know and own them.
After Aloud in My Head and Poems Aloud, SLAM! is an instinctive and necessary next step. Bookwagon is proud to present this title.


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