Sleep: How Nature Gets its Rest


While geese sleep on the pond, cows and horses sleep in a field. Meerkats sleep in a heap, while rhinos choose to sleep alone. Penguins sleep in the cold and tigers sleep in the heat. Kate Prendergast compares animals’ sleep habits and settings within her warm, sleep time glowing picture book.

Did you know that fish never shut their eyes? They sleep while they’re swimming! Bats are nocturnal, while bears hibernate. Alongside the comparisons, the picture book maker includes snippets of extra information, e.g., Emperor penguins are a species that sleep standing up!

‘Sleep: How Nature Gets its Rest’ is a rich source of fascinating information about animals and a necessary activity for every living species. It is a beautiful, proud creation, ideal for sharing at home and in class.

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Sleep: How Nature Gets its rest

Kate Prendergast

(Old Barn Books)

‘Sleep: How Nature Gets its Rest ‘ is something every living creature needs. However every animal species sleeps in a different way. Furthermore, each sleeps for different amounts of time! Did you know that while giraffes sleep standing up, sloths sleep upside down? It seems like ants sleep for moments at a time only, while bears are amongst animals that hibernate. Do you sleep in a heap like meerkats, or alone like a rhino?
Kate Prendergast concludes by comparing our sleep needs and behaviour with animals. She asks whether they dream as we do. Thereafter, she includes a summary of amazing animal facts about some of the creatures included in this wonderful picture book.
Bookwagon has a proud selection of animal information titles from Lifesize to others like These Are Animals. ‘Sleep: How Nature Gets its Rest‘ focuses on animal behaviour. We like the comparisons drawn within rich sleep-toned pictures, endorsed on occasion with snippets of further information. ‘Sleep: How Nature Gets its Rest’ is a beautiful, ‘forever’ selection.


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