Sleep Well Siba & Saba


‘Siba and Saba lost things.’ We learn of the random items they lose, from ‘seven slippers in seven speeding buses’ to ‘silver sandals lost on the sandy beaches of the Ssese Islands’. Something slips away from them each day.

At night, their Papa lulls them to sleep- ‘Sleep well Siba and Saba’. The two, who never lose each other, float into a dream land. Their lost things appear to them in strange, various and wonderful places. Curious animals and settings appear.

This lyrical, gentle image rich, story from Africa is restful and wondrous. The inventive vocabulary and raft of possibilities summon up so many thoughts and journeys. ‘Sleep Well Siba & Saba‘ is a captivating bedtime story choice. This is a book to be wondered over again and again.

We recommend this story to very young readers, from babies to early school age. The language, the rhythm, the rhyme and the lush ‘S’- laden words are magical.


Sleep Well Siba & Saba

Nansubuga Nagadya Isdahl and Sandra van Doorn


Siba and Saba, sibilant sisters dream of what they have lost, wondrous places and animals, people and things to come. Every night their Papa says, ‘Sleep well Siba and Saba‘ and their dream world enfolds them. Then one night they dream of something different, something yet to come…..

This glorious rhyming picture book is vocabulary rich within a dream-like, glowing coloured image bank. We love ‘Sleep Well Siba & Saba‘ and recommend it as a superb bedtime story choice.



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