Slug in Love


Slug in Love is an hilarious story about Doug the Slug and his less than successful dating experience with Gail the Snail.  Doug is lonely and looking for love, but with him being  slimy and yucky he’s not getting much success. All he wants is to find his soulmate and have a hug. He has high hopes when he first meets Gail, and off they travel to Paris where they go for a romantic candlelit meal and sightseeing at the Eiffel Tower.

Will Doug find love with Gail the Snail, or will he have to look elsewhere?  Rarely are slugs so attractive and funny!

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Slug in Love

Rachel Bright, illustrated by Nadia Shireen

(Simon & Schuster)

Doug the slug needs a hug. But who wants to hug a slug called Doug?  Snuggle up with lonesome Doug and his search for love in this completely charming picture book.  Being a slimy slug doesn’t help when Doug goes looking for love.  He encounters lots of bugs who find Doug a turn off.
Yet you never know!  Doug mustn’t give up hope – you just never know when love might come along.  Slug in Love also introduces unto an unsuspecting world snail superstar, Gail!  The rhyming words are a delight and very amusing, while Nadia Shireen’s illustrations are captivating and very funny!
This book is so much fun to read. The concise sentences roll off the tongue with effortless rhymes that anticipate what is coming next. Until you reach the twist in the tale, that is… Doug the slug does need a hug.  Following Doug on his search for love is a real hoot.  His efforts take in a romantic meal in Paris, a visit to the Eiffel Tower and encounters with all sorts of bugs.
Readers looking to discover more books by Rachel Bright and Nadia Shireen will want to investigate Billy and the Beast and Free Range Freddy.
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