Kieran Woods knows to stay out of the way of Tony (not ‘Dad’) and Ryan. He keeps clear of the boys at school. Kieran miss his Grandma and wishes his mother didn’t have to work so late at the supermarket. He wishes Tony wouldn’t hurt her.

Kieran watches and draws. His favourite artist is L.S. Lowry. He loves crime, especially Sky News’ reports and ‘C.S. I.’ When a body is found in the River Trent, and his friend, Jean identifies it as a man, once proud, who’d been provoked by another, Kieran determines to investigate. He’s going to have to be ‘Smart’. Few people, other than Miss Crane and Jean and his Grandma realise just how ‘Smart‘ Kieran can be.

Smart’ is chilling and authentic. Kieran’s circumstances are grim. Yet Kim Slater inspires Kieran through a determination and wit that defy his odds and the expectations of his setting, peers and closest relations. ‘Smart‘ is an outstanding book that we recommend to readers who love titles that inspire and convince.

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Kim Slater

(Pan Macmillan)

Kieran Woods is fascinated by the body found in the canal. His friend Jean says that it’s a friend of hers, and he was once a man with a proud history. Kieran is determined to be ‘Smart‘ and find out what happened. However, it’s not very easy when home and expectations seem to be against you.


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